Sein heisst werden, leben heisst lernen

I have two passions I post a lot about here. Number one, musicals... especially German/Austrian musicals, and especially Tanz der Vampire . Favourite music actors? Thomas Borchert, Mark Seibert, Drew Sarich and many many more. And I love to watch tv series, especially The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Game of Thrones Once upon a Time and Teen Wolf.
Next to that, I am a librarian. I just love books!


He’s trying so hard to be patient and it’s so dang cute. <3

I know who I am and what I want.

Once Upon A Time 4x01 The Tale of Two Sisters

Michael Malarkey interview + season 6 scenes

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Go away, Anna Emma

You know, I guess I would even be okay with people shipping that! :D I might even ship it! :D

Yeah, me too… I do like the idea of those two together… I think I’m going to save the idea somewhere ;).

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Staying away from vampires might be difficult if you are one ;-)

Good point… but to seek out Klaus? Maybe he should just become friends with Josh, if he ended up in New Orleans somehow…

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